About us

We are a family run business who, through years of experience within rug making and the sales of rugs, are able to offer a wide range of exceptional quality rugs, at affordable prices. We deal directly with one of the largest importers and manufacturers of hand woven rugs in Tunisia, as well as numerous well-known brands within the UK and Europe. Our direct sourcing ensures we are able to offer our customers great savings on high street prices, and we can guarantee the cheapest online rugs throughout the UK.

History of our
Handmade Rugs

The manufacturing of handmade carpets began in the middle of the 19th century in the city of Kairouan, Tunisia. Being at the crossroads of various civilizations meant that Tunisia thrived from the ancient techniques used to create beautiful masterpieces.

Anchored in tradition, but also open to external contributions, this know-how was at the origin of typical Tunisian weaving, inspired by the oriental carpets but also following regional and ethnic tradition. This mix of tradition and cultural shaping has led to beautiful, unique and stunning creations using the same ancient old techniques until this day.

Techniques such as knotting, braiding and hooking are all used in the creation of one of our handmade Tunisian pieces. The choices of yarn and fibres are endless, meaning that each finished piece is unique and the only one of its kind.



We work closely with the villages in Tunisia, ensuring that as well as the end result of beautiful handmade rugs, we help support the local communities through creating comfortable workspaces, supporting local families and giving back to these otherwise overlooked communities.

We regularly visit each village to ensure our artisans have everything they require and by doing so, empower farmers who produce the wool, and workers who make the rugs, to take control of their lives, businesses and communities through their trade. This enables us – and through them, our customers – to understand the whole supply chain because it is tracked from producer to buyer.

The pride our artisans take in creating each piece is visible through the finished product, and the pleasure taken in creating these can be seen through the exquisite workmanship and dedication to each wonderfully unique rug.